Jefferson Bethke made me buy this watch! Well, I liked him so I bought the watch.

He’s not gay, he’s a Christian and he’s cute. Jefferson Bethke catapulted into media stardom when he uploaded a video of himself reciting a poem entitled, Why I Hate Religion, but Love Jesus. He’s cute, he’s radical and people resonated with his message. The video has about 19 million views as of this writing and it continues to climb.

The thing about the video is that not only did he wake a lot of sleeping Christians up, he became a spokesperson for Crux Watches. You see, there were so many questions about where he got his watch that he was wearing on the video that he had to post a link to the company’s website.

Apparently, Crux donates a portion (10% – 15%) of their profits to non-profit organizations (very vague since it doesn’t say which organizations) and that received a lot of support from Christians who’ve seen the video.

Since I admired him, I bought the watch. Both the white (one he’s wearing on the video below) and the black (one that he wore on the now-super-famous-video). Lucky me, I went to their website and both watches were on sale at that time for $27.00 – which has now gone up to $39.00.

Will you buy one too because of Jeff Bethke?

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