Whitney Houston’s Death Catapults ‘Greatest Hits’ to #1 on iTunes Charts overthrowing Adele’s “21”

Whitney Houston will be missed.  The singer and actress’ passing remains a shock to many.  Most celebrities were shocked upon hearing the news of her passing.

Within hours after her death, her 2000 album “Whitney – The Greatest Hits” took the number one spot on iTunes and dominated the online downloads on the eve before The Grammy Awards night.

News reports say that the format of the Grammy’s is being revamped for a last minute tribute to the pop superstar.

Sony Pictures produced a movie which is scheduled for release in August entitled “Sparkle” where Houston plays the role of Emma.

According to LA Times:

The original “Sparkle” told the story of the Williams sisters, a trio of 1950s-era Harlem singers whose stories were loosely inspired by the Supremes. Headed by Lonette McKee’s Sister, the group also features Sister’s sister Sparkle (Cara), Dolores (Dawn Smith) and several friends. As they begin to find success, though, Sister’s life spirals out of control, with drug addiction eventually leading to her death.

via The Hollywood Reporter

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