Well, new reports say that Seal deserves being served divorce papers. Heidi Klum was fed up.

Who to believe? Reports over the weekend about a possible Heidi Klum and Seal divorce rocked the blogging and Twitter world. Why? Because the couple looks like a highly-unlikely candidate for divorce. You always see them so sweet and chummy with each other when they are together.

Folks, it’s not always how it looks like. Whatever show couples put out is never the real thing going on behind closed doors. Apparently, Seal was a big d*** to Heidi Klum. Apparently, the cause for the divorce doesn’t have anything to do with a third party. According to TMZ.com, infidelity was not the issue. The issue is Seal’s anger management problem. Heidi is concerned about the welfare of their children and did not want it to affect them.

Still leaving together under the same roof, reports do say that it will eventually change – VERY SOON.

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