Ricky Gervais’ Comment on Jodie Foster’s Beaver. Did you find it offensive? (VIDEO)

When Ricky Gervais took a stab at Jodie Foster‘s beaver during the Golden Globe Awards, many of us got it and laughed like crazy. However, many out there – – possibly Republicans.. LOL … didn’t get it.

Well, it was a stab at Jodie Foster’s sexuality if you know what I mean. It’s been rumored since the dark ages that Jodie Foster is a lesbian. Although she hasn’t admitted it publicly, she’s not trying to hide it either. On one awards night, she publicly thanked her partner “Cydney” which drew more speculations. The actress seem to have been a good sport and put a two-thumbs up after the joke and the actress’ sons got a good laugh about it as well. So, no. I wasn’t offended. You?

Here’s the video:

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