Zac Efron is growing gracefully. He’s more than a hunk. He’s a god! :) The Lucky One – HD Movie Trailer. Gallery.

If you haven’t noticed Zac Efron in the past, it was because he was the young boy from High School Musical.   He made his mark in a musical!

Later on, he proved himself over and over again as a great actor by taking on roles that would show his real talent.  Charlie St. Cloud was one film that showed me that Zac Efron is truly a remarkale (and bankable) actor.  He’s not just a pretty face.  He’s a serious actor who is being taken seriously by the industry.

His recent role in a film, a light romantic comedy entitled New Year’s Eve – was someone fun and he took the role seriously and believe me, his role as a messenger boy was sexy to say the least – – and he did it well!

Here comes another film where they show not only a more refined actor in Zac but a much more built body as well.  He has matured from the High School Musical days and I believe that he’s going to be the next top-grossing leading men in films within the next five years….

Here’s a photo gallery of our hunky, sexy, godly-like man – – Zac Efron.  Below, the new featurette from Warner Bros,. for Zac’s new film – – THE LUCKY ONE.  It’s from a novel written by Nicholas Sparks, the writer of The Notebook.  You can really tell that Zac is now a man.   I’m sure Zac Efron fans will be swooning over this….   coming out in April 2012…

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