Good for her! Lindsay Lohan actually turned down all New Year’s Eve Party offers.

Sources tells TMZ that Lindsay Lohan had been offered party gigs for the New Year but has  turned down every single one of them.

She has actually made progress in her efforts to drop the party girl image and would like to keep it that way.  No amount of money is worth it for her if it means going back to zero for something she’s worked really hard on.

Stars, according to TMZ can rake in up to six figures to host or attend a New Year’s Eve party and even with those figures, Lindsay has kept her word and have not given in to any of the offers.

I must commend her for that.  She has a lot going for her and if she keeps her life straight, there’s no telling what she can achieve with her stardom.

Good for you Lindsay and may you have a clean and prosperous 2012!



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