306 A Short Gay Film More Real Than Not

I just came across this short film from one of the Twitter friends I follow. I watched all 11 minutes of it and I thought the film was wonderfully done.

The thought I took out of this film was that even though the film was centered around a secret, anyone can relate to it. We all have skeletons in our closets and at times, we can either admit it or deny it.

The film was powerful enough to show that this is not something that happens to someone else. It could be happening to you. You are not spared from any secrets your partner, husband or wife. Skeletons in our closets will be there and will always be there.

One phrase that catches it all for me is the cliche, “When you point to someone, remember four (actually three – I tried it) of your fingers are pointing at you.”

Watch the video below:

“306” Short Gay Film from Elliot London on Vimeo.

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