Jonah Mowry – a bullied teen sends a message via Youtube Video. MUST WATCH!

When a child is bullied, we can’t exactly measure the pain that they go through.  It is so painful to them that many in the past year or so, have committed suicide.  With the help of The Trevor Project with their It Gets Better Campaign, many try to reach out to these teens to let them know that life does get better.

But, how can you believe that life gets better if the bullying continues; when the hurtful words do not stop.

One teen named Jonah Mowry,  showed his pain on a Youtube video that he uploaded.  He showed how hurt he is and how scared he is.  We have to do more for these kids!  Lady Gaga is right.  Let’s make bullying a crime.

But then, the end of his message gave a revelation… MUST SEE!

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