Another Philippine Celebrity scandal is going to rock Twitter and Facebook! DJ Mo Twister Crying on VIDEO about ex-girlfriend Rhian Ramos “getting rid of our baby”.

This week, the social media world is being rocked by Philippine celebrities causing a stir about private lives being exposed in public. Just earlier this week was the break up of Philippine actor Piolo Pascual and actress KC Concepcion which took top spot on Twitter Trends for days. All because of the rumors about what caused the break up – you can find that article here.

Now, another explosive news has come out from Philiwood – a controversial celebrity DJ named MO Twister and his controversial tweets that seem to point to an abortion that happened and that he was totally against it. He never really mentioned who had the abortion and why but he decided to leave his Philippine showbiz career and relocate to New York City with a promise that he will reveal explosive details of his tweets.

Well, DJ Mo Twister hasn’t left the Philippines yet when a video of himself, crying and admitting about an abortion hit the web last night. He seems to point to his ex-girlfriend, Rhian Ramos and that the baby discussed in all his tweets was their own.

This has now reached Filipinos all over the globe and are posting the video on Facebook walls and tweeting about it. What is so explosive about this admittance is that Philippines is a Catholic country where abortion is illegal. The video explains that the couple went to Singapore to “get it done”.

Here’s the controversial video:

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