Philippine Celebrity Couple Breaks Up – Social Media Explodes. KC Concepcion and Piolo Pascual – The truth behind the break up.

If you don’t know anything about Filipinos, one thing you have to know is that they are passionate about their celebrity idols.  The Filipino community will support you till the end.

If you’re an international celebrity who happens to be Filipino or with a hint of Filipino-blood, you will receive support from all Filipinos all over the globe.  Just look at Manny Pacqiao, Charice, Darren Criss to name a few.

That is why the recent break up of a famous celebrity couple back in the Philippines rocked the social media world only a week after the Ashton Kutcher-Demi Moore split.   Not even the AK-DM split caused this much uproar on the web.  The couple?   KC Concepcion and Piolo Pascual from the Philippines.   Their names were on top of Twitter Trends a couple of days after the news broke out about their break up.

Here’s the interview video which has received  almost 300K views three days after the video was posted on Youtube.  The most intriguing part of this break up is the rumor about KC Concepcion’s boyfriend, Piolo Pascual.  If you Google “Piolo Pascual Gay”, you will get a hit almost instantly.  Many Filipinos believe that Piolo Pascual is gay and that’s where the uproar is rooted.  Many believe that Piolo simply used KC as a cover-up to hide his true sexuality.  And with their break-up, it seemed almost confirmed that the truth has to come out.

Why does it concern a lot of Filipinos globally?  KC Concepcion is the daughter of one of the most popular actresses in the Philippines.  Her name, Sharon Cuneta.  She is considered and given the title of Megastar – which is probably considered higher than Superstar.  Sharon Cuneta is loved my many Filipinos as she grew up on screen.  She was a young teenager when she first endeared the hearts of many from her song, Mr. DJ.  Then, she became a singer-turned-actress paired with Gabby Concepcion who is KC’s dad.  Yes, the Megastar married the guy who she was teamed up with in a love team that was so successful until they broke up and the marriage was annulled.    Just for that reason, there’s a whole lot of sympathy from the Filipino people for Sharon’s daughter KC.

Let us not be the judge of this.  Here’s the interview in full:

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