Dr. Conrad Murray sentenced to four years in jail for Michael Jackson’s death

The amount of $150,000 per month may just have been too hard to resist for Dr. Conrad Murray when he agreed to Michael Jackson‘s wish to administer the surgery-strength drug Propofol to the King of Pop to assist him in getting some sleep.

Now, he has to pay for the consequences.

I don’t doubt that Dr. Conrad Murray is a kind man as presented by the defense’s witnesses.  Sometimes, being kind doesn’t mean you say no to a large amount of money.  But his action, knowing that the administration of such a dangerous drug without proper supervision in a hospital could be fatal, is where his character failed.  I’m sure that there are many convicted felons out there only killed once.  They may be the kindest and most loving person outside of the incident they were involved in but they are still in prison for killing someone.

Dr. Conrad Murray is no exception and should not be.  Everyone must be responsible for their actions.  And if you allowed your character to fail simply because the money is too much to resist, then this is the consequence.

After a six-week trial, he was convicted to 4-years in jail for the death of the King of Pop.  He is expected to serve only a fraction of the sentence due to recent changes to state law.


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