And here comes Thanksgiving! Black Friday Deals Abound!

What’s Thanksgiving without those Black Friday deals?

It’s the best time to get those expensive electronics you always wanted at half the price.  Need a new LED TV?

I bought a 50″ plasma television last year for $799.00 two years ago.  I regret now that I did.  Although the TV has given me much pleasure, I still could have bought a better one on a black friday for the same amount.  An LED TV perhaps?

Walmart published their pre-Black Friday deals.   Some of the items have already sold out.  But wait, there’s more?

Look at this list:

Amazon has published their Black Friday deals as well.   Be sure to check their website for anything that you wish to purchase on Black Friday.

I just bought an iPad2 two days ago but you’ll never know what deals Apple will be publishing on Black Friday.  Who knows?  You may be able to purchase an iPad2 cheaper than I did.

Remember, it’s a one-day event – so keep watch.

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