Who will be hosting the Oscars now that Eddie Murphy has bowed out as well?

The Oscars is the second most-watched event on television next to the Super Bowl and even though it has suffered flagging viewership in the past years, it’s still a show you would want to be in.

Since the issue broke out about Bret Rattner‘s use of a gay slur during a Q&A session for the film Tower Heist, Bret has stepped down as the producer for the Oscars 2012. Bret was actually the one who convinced Eddie Murphy to host the 2012 Oscars.

But now, Eddie Murphy has bowed out as well. He probably only agreed to host the Oscars because it was Bret who was producing the show. Now that he dynamics have changed, Eddie will not do the show.

Although I believe that Bret didn’t mean anything by using the “F” word, it was still a lesson to be learned. With all the gay bullying going on and the teen suicides because of it, one must be very careful in their words specially if you are in the public eye.

Who’s the next best choice for the job? People say Billy Crystal. I agree. Don’t you?

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