Lindsay Lohan – story is getting old. Probation revoked, posts bail.

Photo Credit: AH

How many times have wee seen this girl handcuffed and taken away?  Too many times.  It’s getting old.  Lindsay Lohan obviously hasn’t learned a lesson from all of this.  The reason why she gets out early?  Crowded jails in California.  Seriously???  Send her to a place where there’s space then!  Like, Indianapolis maybe?  Sheesh!  Put her away for a long time until she learns.  Otherwise, she may end up like Amy Winehouse.

According to Access Hollywood:

The actress was taken into custody and escorted from a hearing after Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner revoked her probation because she was ousted from a community service assignment at a women’s shelter.

“There has been violation after violation,” Sautner said.

Bail was set at $100,000, and Lohan’s spokesman Steve Honig said it was immediately posted. It was unclear, however, if Lohan had been released.

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