Real Steel reigns during the weekend box office ticket sales. $16.3 million. Footloose came in second.

I pretty much thought that Footloose (remake of the successful 80s flick) would top this weekend’s box office.  The reviews were good and I was feeling nostalgic this weekend so I thought I’d see Footloose.

It did really well at the box office but Real Steel starring Hugh Jackman beat the 80s remake just a tad.  Real Steel took the number one spot earning $16.3 million in ticket sales while Footloose earned a whopping $16.1 million.  Close but not enough to take the crown over the weekend.

All in all, movie ticket sales last weekend was robust.  We just hope this can be linked to a signal to a recovering economy?  But, I’m afraid not.  They said that usually when the economy is really bad, people go to the movies.  It’s cheaper than taking a weekend getaway vacation I guess.

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